One of the most important and impactful things, for me and you, as people, is to know that we matter- that our life is valuable.

This morning as I was reading my Facebook feed, a friend shared an acknowledgement she received from someone she had mentored. The young woman whom she had mentored is being successful and reached out to my friend to thank her and share about her success. Then, lots of people liked it, commented on it and gave their own acknowledgement. Why do we all respond to that sort of post? I think it is because as people, at our core, we all want to make a difference; we want to contribute and to know that we matter.

In today’s busy world, with all the social media and so much happening all the time, it is easy to feel as if you are invisible. I experienced that this past weekend when I was visiting the busy and crowded city of Chicago. People are on their way somewhere, distracted, disconnected from all the thousands of other people that are on their way somewhere, distracted and disconnected. How do we bridge that gap?

Perhaps if we simply pause and acknowledge and appreciate someone, for no real reason (like they did not have to do something special) we can affirm they matter. It will impact them, and then they may do the same to another person. Imagine how much more connected we can feel if we simply be with another person for a small moment in time and reach out. If we all did that, perhaps we would have an epidemic of connection. Those small moments can impact someone’s day, and maybe even the trajectory of their life.

I challenge each of us to reach out to one person a day and let them know they matter by simply acknowledging them.