For most of us, money causes worry and anxiety and we have money constraints!
Your constraints around money act like a strait jacket keeping you from being free and living abundantly. In this one-day workshop, we will unlock you from your money barriers so that you create a powerful new relationship with money.
Using the Money Freedom Formula, you will leave free to make and manage the money you want and deserve.

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The 2 day workshop, done interactively has proven to skyrocket careers and businesses.

We deal with both mindsets and practical actions to have you get past self-doubt, get heard and recognized, experience your power and make the money you want and deserve.

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As a woman, you often find yourself frustrated. You don’t seem to have as much power, make as much money or are listened to as powerfully as your male counterparts. You have tried many times to change this, and have failed. You are ready to  alter this paradigm forever.

This workshop is a One Day Interactive Program that will leave you with the the bulletproof method for:

  • Get the Money You Want and Deserve

  • How to Be an Influencer

  • Stand for Yourself ‘No Matter What’

Other Workshops Available

I am a master of designing and delivering workshops. Below you will find a sampling of past workshops. However, if you want me to create something specific for your company or group, let’s talk!

Assessment Based Workshops:

As a Certified Behavioral and Driving Forces Analyst, I have expertise in DISC based instruments. Workshops utilizing these instruments allow for increased understanding and communication as well as increased sales in business environments.

Here are sample popular workshops:

Behavioral Selling

Imagine if you could get a true insight into what your buyer wanted. That knowledge can skyrocket your sales results. In this workshop, you learn about your own and other people’s preferred communication styles. When you know what your prospect prefers, you adapt your style to their preference, increasing connection and understanding and…BOOM! You increase sale results!

Dynamic Communication

One of the best things you can do to facilitate your own success in life and business is to understand your own behavior and the motivation behind that behavior. This provides you with a powerful tool to increase your self-awareness, understanding and ability to utilize all the career and business success opportunities open to you and your pathway to choices around these opportunities.

Your “strengths” are thought to be those behavioral preferences that come easily and naturally to you; those preferences that are usually energizing in some way. It is often said that we should “Play to our strengths” and that if we do that we will be happier, more confident and have higher levels of energy and vitality. Recent research confirms that and goes further to show that when you use your strengths, you are likely to perform better at work and be more effective at developing yourself and growing as an individual.

Assessment tools provide people with a clear picture of their actions, their behaviors – and most important – why they do what they do; that is, the motivators behind what they do.

The knowledge gained from these assessments helps individuals take control of their lives. It assists them in understanding the decisions that they make, charting the life direction that they want and developing a deep appreciation of others and how they can work with them to achieve fulfillment and deep personal satisfaction in their careers and their lives.

While the DISC and other assessments address HOW we act, what remains largely unexamined in many assessments is the motivation behind WHY we act. What is it that motivates you to take action? What is the source of your desire to become involved in certain activities—or to avoid them?

Workshops utilizing the DISC and Motivators assessments provide not only knowledge and tools to increase performance in business, but also in life.

“With those tools, I could powerfully choose how I wanted my life to go. As a result, I am now working in a job that is completely joyful and fulfilling and my wife and I are living out our dream in a small village in France.”


Other Workshops and Programs

Success Money Mindset Workshop

A program designed to empower people to have a new and empowering relationship with money.

Often we find that you have developed a mindset around money that is in the way of you being as successful as you could be. You have barriers that are in their way of making, having and managing the flow of money. You may have conversations, beliefs and ways of behaving that limit your own power to live your life knowing that your financial future is in your hands.. In this highly interactive workshop you will identify and disappear the conversations that are barriers to your making and managing the flow of money. You will create a new way of operating with money and to leave the workshop with a 30 day game to practice your new success money mindset.

Also offered in an abbreviated form as an online program, available for purchase here.

Unleashing the Leader Within Workshop

Anyone can be a great leader. Leadership is not an inborn trait that some have and others don’t. Leadership can be developed by anyone with a commitment to be a great leader.

There are many ways to be a leader and many styles of leadership. There are qualities of great leadership and qualities that some leaders use, but are not as effective.

In this presentation/mini workshop session, participants will inquire into what makes a leader great and leave the session with an access to being a great leader, with some actions to practice.

We are available to collaborate on workshops and programs.

Janet’s expertise lies in designing and delivering creative programs that produce astonishing results.


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