Language matters. It is the medium through which we create and through which we know ourselves, others, objects and …. everything! When it comes to names that we were not informed of, introduced to, but get to create, it seems significant. “What if no one likes it, or they don’t get it?” are the questions and concerns that run through our heads. Add to it, doing a naming process with another person who has different thoughts and ideas and it gets interesting!

My first experience with naming was with my children. That was a process because not only did we, as parents, have to like it, we had the opinions of our families (and I am one of 5 kids!) and then whatever memories we have of certain people associated with certain names. Obviously, we settled on names. And my daughters then had the identity associated with that name.

I have named businesses which is not unlike the children naming process as you have multiple people weighing in on what they like and don’t like, and you add the complication of market recognition- or not!

I am now working with a business partner in one aspect of my business which has been called Impact Speaking Lab. We are doing great and want to formalize our agreement legally. When speaking with a trademark attorney, we discovered that the initial name we chose is unlikely to pass as a trademarkable name (someone else has something similar doing something along the same lines and is already trademarked). We had to go back to the drawing board. That was not so easy.

What I discovered is that once you name something, through whatever process you go through, it becomes something more than mere words. It becomes an identity, of sorts. We had gotten used to it, fell in love with it, engaged other people in it, had great feedback on it- it was ours, like a child we had nurtured. Then, to be told to change it…. not happy!

What happened? We tried brainstorming on our own. We basically were recycling our thoughts and it was frustrating, so we hired a branding expert to do a naming exercise with us. She had familiarized herself with our work through our brand brief and video testimonials of our clients after our Impact Speaking Lab. Then we began the brainstorm and with an objective party, we could begin to think outside the box. Instead of recycling thoughts, we went deeper and came up with a single Greek word that describes what people actually get out of working with us. And the word, since it is Greek, has its roots in so many other words that are in line with what we do. We are very excited to launch the new word and new brand soon. You will have to check back as it is revealed.

So, what is in a name?? A name creates a world in which we relate to someone or something. Going through a real process of thinking, looking, discovering to come upon THE NAME is worth it all.