Pillars of Power Group Coaching Program

The Pillars of Power Group Coaching program is about you producing breakthrough results in your business or career. Be among a community of professionals working together to have everyone win!

Own Your Power

Have the confidence to know that you can say what you want in your business or career and know that you can get it.  Be an influencer and be noticed, heard and ahead! Be among other people who will support you as you develop a new level of confidence and power in the Pillars of Power program

Magnify Your Brilliance

You are brilliant, yet sometimes you may doubt yourself. You may not get your opinion heard at work the way you would like. In the Pillars of Power, you will disappear the effect self-doubt has on your career or business.

Make a Ton of Money

Make the money you want and deserve. There are a number of factors that influence your income. A pretty significant one that you can alter is you, your mindset around money and your willingness to stand for your worth. You will have money breakthroughs in this course for certain!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

” I participated in the Pillars of Power Group program and the proof is in the pudding. My sales are up 163% year to date.”

Amy Ford

Licensed Agent, New York Life

“Out of the group coaching with Janet I know that I can win in any situation but also have the outcome be beneficial for all parties. I have no problem asking for what I’m worth and going for the sale. I take risks and think differently about some areas of my business. I have a new perspective on how I operate and how I impact others which adds compassion, empathy and also confidence to my life.”

Stefanie Raya

Entrepreneur, Kanaway, Oncor Energy

“My stress levels have gone down.  I have more confidence in myself and the value I provide through my business.  I have more clarity about who I am and I’ve opened up my view of what’s possible for me and my business.”

Laura Capes Terry

Publisher, N2 Publishing

Ready to Give Your Confidence a Real Boost?

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