Discover Your Power Path: TriMetrix™ DNA assessment with Power Path Coaching and Plan

In this potent opportunity you will discover how you do what you do, what drives you and what your core competencies are. Begin with a 15 minute assessment and immediately receive your comprehensive 64 page report. This is followed by an in-depth analysis and personalized power path plan private session with Janet Zaretsky, Certified Professional Behavior and Driving Forces Analyst and  the BS-to-Brilliance Master Business Coach. ($499 value) $299 for a limited time



Leverage your strengths

The more you know your strengths, the more apt you are to use them. The Trimetrix™ DNA report and your coaching session will allow you to learn how to leverage your natural strengths for maximum productivity and success.

Make more money

Learning your preferred communication style and learning to recognize other people’s preference allows you to naturally sell more effectively in a way that is natural and appreciated by your customers/clients.


Improved Communication

With the debrief, coaching session and follow up tools, you will learn how to be an intentional communicator and get what you want.


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