Business Success Coaching

Hiring a business success coach gives you that competitive edge!

Business success depends on a myriad of factors. One critical factor is you, your attitude, your actions and your ability to produce results. Having a business success coach allows you to engage a partner in helping you go from where you are in your business or career to the success you seek and the satisfaction you desire and deserve.

The coaching process is interactive and will markedly expand your effectiveness and allow you to identify and get past obstacles that are hindering your best performance. As a coach, I provide equal parts kick in the rear and high five. I am a master in guiding you in finding solutions to your business issues and support you in implementing those solutions. I serve as guide, facilitating creative and strategic brainstorming and help expedite the creation of tactical action to implement new strategies. With the support of me as your business coach, you will be motivated, in action and amaze yourself with what you can and will accomplish!

Customized Executive and Individual Coaching: Avenues of Power

When you are a busy executive, business owner or a career professional you have challenges. Hiring a business coach to help you improve your performance as well as experience more satisfaction is a brilliant decision. We all need support to get to the next level. Coaching allows you to expose and get past blind spots that limit your success.

Pillars of Power Group Coaching Program

Working with a group of like-minded business professionals to hone your skills, and elevate your results allows you to skyrocket your success. This program is proven to produce out-of-the-box results in your business and your life. If you do well in a group format and enjoy learning from other’s experience you should check out this program!

Discover Your Power Path: TriMetrix™ DNA assessment with Power Path Coaching and Plan

Discover and leverage your strengths and create the pathway to success by creating a plan to develop your challenged areas through the use of Behavioral Style and Driving Forces assessments. This process includes an approximately 64 page computerized report and a 90 minute debrief and coaching session with Janet. She is certified in these instruments via Target Training International, the world’s leader in DISC and Driving Forces developed for the business environment.


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