I help people come to life and be their best, most brilliant and confident selves at work.

And what does that look like with The BS-to-Brilliance Master?

Companies tend to thrive – as in, enjoy ridiculous success – when their people learn how to spot and respond to their own BS, and the BS around them. Which leaves them communicating and performing in a way that produces win-win outcomes.

I’ve had quite the full career—at one time I was the nurse in charge of tiny, fragile preemies in a neonatal intensive care unit, and during another chapter of my life, I worked in a corporate environment devoted to providing life-altering transformational programs. And you know what? Even in organizations devoted to saving the lives of babies and enriching the lives of the rest of us…there’s BS!

But I’m not one to blame the system. That’s not my style.

While I’m all about gender equity and fairness for all in the workforce, it’s also my belief that the first place to look for what’s not working is over here with ourselves, not “out there,” in “the system,” or in society.


Because that’s the only way we have real access to producing our own high performance and becoming a culture in which high performers thrive and shine.

Here are some of the most popular topics that companies come to me for:


We start every engagement with am Assessment, goals and then create a customized action plan

From here we create a  customized plan for workshops for the team.

Favorite Topics:

How Brilliant Teams Communicate

Conflict is Your Friend: How to cause brilliant breakthroughs in tense situations

Sales as a Natural Outcome of Style-Conscious Communication

Other topics include:

• Conflict resolution
• Active listening
• Understanding communication styles
• How to be heard and understood, and understand others
• Being a masterful communicator
• Getting people to do what you want: the science of motivation
• Being with any type of communication
• No more blame and shame
• Empowered communication


Topics include:

• High team functioning – getting the best out of your people
• Integrity – the hidden secret to high performance
• Accountability and responsibility
• Healthy competition and celebrating success
• Cooperation and collaboration


Topics include:

• Engendering loyalty and productivity
• Developing a win-win culture of leaders
• Don’t Let Your Brain Hijack Your Power 
• Unleashing the Leader Within (i.e. Everyone can be a great leader!)

I’d love to discuss your particular organization and its needs with you and look to see whether one of the trainings I do for companies and organizations would be a good fit for you.

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