When you are confident you…

Say what you want and get it.

Ask for the sale.

Ask for the raise.

Ask for the promotion.

Are thrilled for other people’s wins.

Create out of the box thinking, creativity, high performance.

Are fulfilled, and when you are not, you would do whatever you needed so that you were.

Are successful.


Confidence is the key.

Where you lack it, you will not be satisfied.

This may seem over simplified as a statement, however, I have found it to be almost universally accurate.

If you will simply accept it for a moment as a truth, I invite you to look at the areas of your business or career (or anywhere in your life) and see where you are not fulfilled, where you are not producing high level results, where you are not happy. When you look into that area, do you see any moments of doubt, any stories about why you can’t or didn’t, any conversations about someone’s fault (others or your own), any explanations and complex stories? Where those exist, if you tell the truth, you lack confidence.

When you are confident, you are not the victim of others or circumstances. When you are confident, you know you can do it and it may take some effort to work it out. When you are confident, it becomes simple- like I did or did not do xyz (fill in the blank). You know yourself as a big human being.

Enough of the theory…I will share some real life incidents.

I was doing “Coach on a Float” the other day with a client. (Coach on a float is lying on a float in my pool coaching…a VIP activity!) I started the conversation with Confidence is the Key to it all. As she was sharing about a frustration with a potential client not signing on to her services, I asked some pointed coaching questions. What we got to is that when she is certain, when she is confident, she produces miraculous results. Period. Over and Over. So, if she is not producing miraculous results (or even sucky results), there is some lack of confidence. She really got that all there was to do is stop waiting, stop asking for the deal. Instead, say what she wants and then get that to happen. She knows that when she is grounded in who she is, and as a result, is confident, this is simple and effective. Try it out for yourself.

Myself included. The moments of doubt… eat my lunch! I have been speaking in public and leading public interactive programs for over 22 years. I have had my blouse come unbuttoned in front of an audience. I have fallen down in front of an audience. Didn’t shake me. However, a while ago, I was training to do an advanced type of program with a very senior trainer. I was so lacking in confidence at one point, I could not complete sentences—my brain was totally hijacked and I almost could not perform at all. It was shocking. After a period of time, some great coaching by my coach, I got it was all due to a simple lack of confidence.  That doubt I had, I threw away and haven’t had another moment like that again.

Confidence IS the key.