We judge…all the time. We can’t help it; it is human nature. However, when we are judged, it can be the thing that knocks us off our power and hits our confidence.

The problem is that we are so conditioned to be judged that we often don’t think it is judgement. Just think about how many times someone has told you that you were too…something. Too loud, too opinionated, too driven, too picky, too fat, too thin, too smart, too outspoken, too shy…and on and on- all a judgment of what someone else is comfortable with. Don’t you just want to scream “STOP JUDGING ME!”?

Instead, what I find is that we are numb to being judged and instead of speaking out, we try to comply. We try to be less the way someone told us we were too much in. And we keep doing it. At times, we wonder where all the joy, all the juice, all the fun of who we are went.

In this ad from Olay they address this issue with crystal clarity. If you take away the judgement, and the ‘too’, you discover the awesomeness of who you are.

I am not ‘too’ anything. I am strong. I am smart. I am outspoken and bold. I am driven. I care deeply. If you don’t judge me for any of that, I get to be unapologetically me, and if I don’t judge you for who you are and how you live, I honor you for being unapologetically you.

Imagine a world where we honor each other’s ways of being and ways of seeing the world. Imagine us all self-expressed. Imagine how much fun we could have. Imagine how much we could contribute to each other and the world.

I prefer a world where we are conscious of our automatic judgements in order to set them aside and simply honor one another.

You are not ‘too’ anything. You are awesome as you are!