Has this ever happened to you?


You are confident and powerful. You have no issue dealing with problems head on, except…in certain circumstances. When these circumstances or situations happen, you become meek, hesitant, concerned and lose your power. You wonder, “What the heck happened to me? I don’t recognize myself”. Then you ruminate, beat yourself up and feel stupid or like a fraud. You think…”What the hell is wrong with me?”


You are not alone. A very common thing we all do. You likely wonder;…what is going on and how do I stop it?


Here is the thing…Why this happens is you are not confident in those areas and those moments.


You could actually find the areas where you aren’t confident by looking at the times where you tolerate something, step over something or become weak in dealing with circumstances or situations.


I was talking to one of my clients, who is a very accomplished powerhouse business woman. We were discussing finances in her business. Specifically, a vendor owed her money. She had not asked for it, although it was owed and it bothered her. Finally, she decided to ask, but the way she asked was weak. She justified and explained her request even when she ultimately sent it. Then She worried if he (the vendor that owed her money) would be upset or not like her. Even her tone of voice changed from being decisive and powerful to being unsure and meek when we talked about it. Shockingly so. What got revealed is her own lack of confidence about being responsible about her money…


Where you are not powerful, there is some lack of confidence! And not dealing with it, resolving it costs you power, influence, self esteem and money.


Take an inventory. Find the areas where you are weak, have self doubt or know that you lack confidence. Do the work to transform those areas with myself or another coach. Get your mojo back.