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I’m Janet Zaretsky, The BS-to-Brilliance Master.

There’s nothing I love more than being with a roomful of great people (would love for YOU to be in that room) sharing strategies and real-life examples of how you can unapologetically and confidently express yourself – and succeed! – as the unique and powerful professional you are.

Just so you know what you’re getting when you book me to speak to your group or company:

• I’m direct.
• I have a wicked sense of humor and use it.
• I don’t have patience for airy fairy ideas – I’m about practical strategies that make a real difference and produce no-kidding results for you.
• And the biggest promise of all: I promise you won’t want to check your cell phone during the time we’re together.

Here are three of my most in-demand talks. And there’s plenty more where these came from – if you’re interested in a particular topic or would like to explore having a talk customized, let’s chat!

The BS Our Brains Feed Us

How to get your mojo back

You know those moments when you get totally triggered by something or someone and react badly? And then you can’t seem to shake it off?

It’s frustrating and embarrassing to realize you’re blowing things out of proportion, and yet the human brain is hard wired to get upset.

In this lively and highly interactive presentation, you’ll get complex brain science broken down into elegantly simple ideas and tips, including
• why you react (and overreact) and how that dims your brilliance…
• how to break the grip of ingrained brain patterns and engage in meaningful dialogue…
• and the simple thing you can do to get your mojo back almost instantaneously!

How to Be Your Own BS Detector and Go Forth With Confidence!

Simple ways women can empower their future

Sometimes we can be our own worst enemies. All the doubts, the anxious wondering whether we’re doing a good enough job, always hoping no one finds out just how uncertain or insufficient we are.

Hellooo, are we done yet?! It’s time to stop the BS!

Learn the secrets to shedding the self-sabotaging thoughts and habits—unleash your inner powerhouse! This fun, empowering and highly interactive presentation includes
• how to get past imposter syndrome or thinking you have to be perfect…
• the surprising culprit who’s been stealing your confidence …

Sorry, Not Sorry!

How to kick the career-crippling habit of reflexive apologizing

Have you ever paid attention to how often an apology pops out of your mouth in situations where it’s not only unnecessary but serves only to make you look and feel small? The way most women have been socialized to say “oh, I’m sorry” constantly is straight-up BS!

Even harder to spot, however, are the many ways we exhibit an apologetic way of being – in everything from meetings to email.

Fortunately, this self-sabotaging habit can be kicked. In this insightful, interactive presentation, you’ll learn
• just how oblivious most of us are to how often we apologize for no reason …
• how to make the shift from apologetic to amazing…

Past Speaking

National Association of Professional Women

Young Women’s Alliance

Lean In Chapter of Entertainment Arts

Texas Executive Women in Government Conference

Women Communicators of Austin

Launch Pad Job Club Job Expo

Austin Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce

Metropolitan Breakfast Club, Austin

Northwest Business Referral Association

South Austin Business Association

Brushy Creek Referral Network

Avery Ranch Referral Network

Texas Courier and Logistics Conference

National Association for Catering and Events Experience

Austin Women in Leadership

Financial Women in Texas Conference

NACE Boston

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