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10 Deb Boulanger – How Women in Midlife Can Get What they Want

Are you over 50 and feeling like you might be running out of runway on your career or lovelife? Deb Boulanger spent decades achieving major success in the corporate world. Then, she hit midlife and her world crumbled around her. In this episode, she shares the strategies she used to find a new and equally successful path in business and love, after 50.

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09 Deb Beroset – How to Overcome Powerful Mental Roadblocks

Bad news. Neuroscience is working against you as an entrepreneur with ambition. Good news, you can overcome it. Deb Beroset is a certified neurotransformational coach and in this episode of the Brilliant You Podcast, she explains how our brains are fighting against our ambitions. And, she gives us tools to fight back. If you’re a powerhouse woman ready to take your career to the next level, this episode will help you develop the confidence and moxie to get there.

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08 Tricia Brouk – How to Structure a TED Talk that Will be Talked About

There are a lot of things that can go wrong when you’re giving a presentation. You could forget everything. You could feel the dreaded prickly sweats as your mouth dries up. Or, you could sound like a bored robot as you watch your audience fade away. Tricia Brouk knows how to prevent all of the above and in this episode of the Brilliant You Podcast, she shares her secrets. If you want to know what she’s learned as a speaker, director, writer, and producer about confidently holding an audience, you’re going to want to listen to this episode.

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07 Carrie Roldan – How to Access Your True Strengths as an Entrepreneur

What if your strengths are actually weaknesses and weaknesses strengths? That’s the question powerhouse business woman and coach, Carrie Roldan asks in this episode of the Brilliant You Podcast. The power in this question is that it opens up the possibility for entrepreneurs to find their truth and restructure their business into one that fills them up. Listen to this episode to unlock access to your true strengths.

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