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22 Taylor Proctor – How to Master the Art of Vulnerable Leadership

Do you think a leader should know everything, never show emotion, and always demonstrate their authority? If you said ‘no’ then you’re ready to explore a more vulnerable approach to leadership. On this episode of the Brilliant You podcast, mentor, team leader, and happiness expert, Taylor Proctor shares how she mastered this harder-than-you-think style of team management.

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20 Grace Judson – How to Navigate the World of Female Leadership

Are the rules different for women in leadership? We get a reality check on our show today. Before you start defiantly denying this reality, keep listening. My guest, Grace Judson is a leadership coach and on this episode of the Brilliant You podcast, we also dive into ways we can bring on a sea change in leadership. We look to communication style, neuroscience, confidence, and self-acceptance for ways powerhouse women like you can start leveling the playing field right now.

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19 Megan Lyons – How to Avoid a Body Shutdown

Entrepreneurs are known for working hard, long hours. And female entrepreneurs often do this while also taking care of others. But, the body doesn’t always agree with the tireless drive of these entrepreneurs. And, sometimes, it just shuts down. In this episode of the Brilliant You podcast, we get some great tips from wellness coach, Megan Lyon on how to avoid a total body shutdown.

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17 Penni Zellinkoff – Shaking the Crushing Feeling of Not Being Enough

We’ve heard of houses being rehabbed but what if you could completely rehab your self-confidence and sense of self-worth? In this episode of the Brilliant You Podcast, Penni Zellinkoff explains where those feelings of not being enough come from and how you can shed these debilitating thoughts. Learn how to shift your mindset so that you can take back your power and operate with total confidence.

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