Through our conversations, I got connected to something that really matters to me – that the people around me in life really win. So I started taking my attention off of myself and “making it” and put it on empowering the people around me to win at whatever matters to them in life and was floored by what opened up. I had one of the best years of my career leading a newly formed team to completely knock a big software project out of the park, delivering it ahead of time and under budget. I found incredible partners and finally launched a non-profit that I had been dreaming about for 5+ years. I started coaching everyone in my family around creating and fulfilling on the things that matter to them like starting new careers, losing weight, developing artistic visions, pursuing their education, etc., and they are thriving.

Inside of having other people win, I started winning at all off the things that mattered to me and a whole new level of aliveness opened up, for which I will always be grateful to Janet for.