In the session titled “The Power of Movements: What happens when many demand change” at the Women Deliver 2019 conference in Vancouver, I got invigorated about being able to accomplish what seems impossible. I know you and I need to be re-invigorated and inspired from time to time no matter what we are up to in our lives.

I wanted to share some of what these amazing women said and what I got that you could apply to what you are committed to in your life. As you read this post, whether you agree with these women’s causes or not, I invite you to get the lessons vs. get stuck with something that you don’t agree with and shut down what is possible for you in your life. That is why I write. For you. To make a qualitative difference in your success, in your life. I do hope you will read this post looking from that point of view.

This panel included women who have been instrumental in past movements, current movements and future movements. I won’t go into all of those but share a few of them. Those that I want to highlight include Tarana Burke of the #MeToo movement, Zoleka Mandela (Nelson Mandela’s granddaughter) of Child Health Initiative, Ailbhe Smyth (instrumental in getting abortion legalized in Ireland) and Ina Tchen who was the former Chief of Staff to Michelle Obama and currently serves as legal council to the #TimesUp movement.

Every one of these women on this panel shared a bit of their personal story that connected them to their movements. From being sexually molested or assaulted to losing a child to a drunk driving accident to having experienced gender discrimination or other discrimination, they each had a reason that connected them to their movement on a visceral and personal level. Each of them had endured years of failure and fighting and surrounded themselves with others who supported them as they developed themselves inside of their individual causes. They had a calling, a mission, a ‘this shall be’ attitude and it took YEARS to get where they are today.

I had no idea that Aiblhe Smyth had fought for 35 years to win the right to abortion in Ireland. I had no idea that it was 12 years of fighting to get #MeToo to go viral. It seems to me that these things just happened. I had not done the thinking or research to get what it took.

What I took away from this was, patience and persistence pay off. I also got that one action by one person multiplied is a movement. To stand FOR what I believe in, act, invite others to take action. Together we can and will change the world.

The question for you is what is important to you, personally? Are you in action to have that happen? It does not need to be big/global or a movement like these women, and if you want it, take action to get it, invite others to support you and/or take action too… YOU WILL have it happen.