If you say what is true for you, you will get a variety of reactions. Some people will agree and acknowledge you. Others will disagree with you. Others will talk to people about you (as in gossip about you).

The concern about what other people will say and what they will think often stops you from speaking your truth. (If this statement fits, take this on. I do find it fits almost everyone at least some of the time.) What is the problem with that, you might wonder?

The problem is that when you are not true to yourself, when you allow what you are afraid others think of you to dictate your speaking and actions, you sell out on yourself. You give away your power. You give it away to a concern for being thought of some particular way—-and the worst part is…. You have no, ZERO, control over what other people think. Seriously— you cannot make someone think any particular thing. You can try, and they will think what they do anyway. You, however, have a 100% control over what you think. And if you have sold out, given someone else your power, what do you think of yourself?

It takes courage to be powerful, to stand for your worth, your word, your thoughts, your feelings and your opinions. It takes giving up working hard to try to have people like you.

I am not saying to be unlikeable. People will like you or they won’t. Be the kind of person you admire. Honest, owning all of who you are. Some people will like that, and some won’t. However, most people will honor that that is who you are. At the end of the day, that is fulfilling in that you are being true to you. And you are the most important person to be true to.

Please let me know who you are and what you stand for. I would love to know.