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Lessons from the TEDX Stage: Take 2

It was everything I wanted. I took to the stage, very prepared, ready to deliver my idea worth spreading. You could hear a pin drop. I started, people were with me, paying attention, nodding, smiling. At one point they broke out in applause, requiring me...

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How to Be Thankful Even When Someone Betrays Your Trust

Betrayal. What is it really? My experience is that betrayal is when one person does something to another that affects them and they do it without regard to the impact that it has. In other words, their action is self-serving. The impact can be devastating in many...

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Words Create..Everything

A good friend of mine, a partner in empowering women, sent me a page from a book, Perseverance, by Margaret Wheatley. The following excerpt sparked my thinking today: “Steadfastness is a lovely old-fashioned word that we don’t hear much about these days. It describes...

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Expand Your Network, Expand Your Reach

As a person who has been in business for 23 years, I have limits. My time is limited- I set boundaries and leave my office when I say. I take time for myself, for example. This leaves me with limited time to train, speak, coach, prepare, write, network and manage the...

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A Surprising Source of Brilliance and Power

I spent this past weekend in a Speaker Salon. I am a professional speaker so that is not a surprise that I would keep developing my craft. What was surprising was what I witnessed in the power of community. I participate in groups, but generally I lead them. I often...

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Savage doesn’t have to be brutal

We are almost always upset, or about to be. Do you ever wonder why you and everyone else is upset so much? Most of us are. I know that all I need to do is get in my car…inevitably someone will be driving under the speed limit, which I find very annoying, and I will...

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