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09 Deb Beroset – How to Overcome Powerful Mental Roadblocks

Bad news. Neuroscience is working against you as an entrepreneur with ambition. Good news, you can overcome it. Deb Beroset is a certified neurotransformational coach and in this episode of the Brilliant You Podcast, she explains how our brains are fighting against our ambitions. And, she gives us tools to fight back. If you’re a powerhouse woman ready to take your career to the next level, this episode will help you develop the confidence and moxie to get there.

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Lies and Traffic Matters

I recently shared while doing a corporate training about a time in my life when I had gotten used to being late and had habits for being late while living in Southern California. I had moved to Austin where the culture was different, and people were not late as a...

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The Simple Steps to Not Have Conflict

Do you recoil when you think about talking to certain people? Do you withdraw when someone comes to you to talk about a ‘situation’? Do you go along rather than rock the boat, even when you don’t agree- telling yourself, “It is not a big deal.” In other words, do you...

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Trust, Betrayal and Confidence

Trust is a gift you give someone. No one is actually trustworthy. Really. I know you may argue with me about that, but if you think about it, when survival is at stake, we will do whatever we need to, including betray a trust. I realize that is hard to get, because we...

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The lynch-pin for high performance

When you are confident you… Say what you want and get it. Ask for the sale. Ask for the raise. Ask for the promotion. Are thrilled for other people’s wins. Create out of the box thinking, creativity, high performance. Are fulfilled, and when you are not, you would do...

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The Lessons I Learned Getting to TEDX

What an amazing experience and a privilege it was. My first TEDX is now behind me (Yes, I intend to do another!) and I learned a lot. I want to share the lessons with you. I am a speaker and a writer. I have written dozens of talks. I am pretty good at it. However,...

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