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Are you over-committing? Why?

Are there things you want to do, and think about doing, and never seem to have enough time or enough energy or enough focus? You might be dealing with being over-committed. Do you do any of the following?

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What is in a word?

If you think about it, with every word we utter, we impact ourselves and one another. With our words, we express love, anger, hate, joy, success and failure. We create in language. We think in language. We innovate and iterate in language. Language is almost...

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Why Being Impactful Is Important

Here are some questions I invite you to be curious and ponder: What is the impact you want to make? What do you want to influence? What difference do you want to make, that if you made it, would leave you satisfied, fulfilled and maybe even proud?

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What is in a name

Language matters. It is the medium through which we create and through which we know ourselves, others, objects and …. everything! When it comes to names that we were not informed of, introduced to, but get to create, it seems significant. "What if no one likes it, or...

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How DO we wake up to our own and other’s bias effectively?

Think about the ways in which you keep gender biases in place, innocently, unconsciously. One place to look is in language. How do you describe leaders? Are you using male dominant behavior descriptions to describe powerful leaders? Are you allowing yourself to be negatively affected by descriptions of powerful women’s voices as too high, or if she is emotional- somehow that is less than a male leader?

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Do you have what it takes?

In the session titled “The Power of Movements: What happens when many demand change” at the Women Deliver 2019 conference in Vancouver, I got invigorated about being able to accomplish what seems impossible. I know you and I need to be re-invigorated and inspired from time to time no matter what we are up to in our lives.

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