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Stop Being Meek

Has this ever happened to you?   You are confident and powerful. You have no issue dealing with problems head on, except...in certain circumstances. When these circumstances or situations happen, you become meek, hesitant, concerned and lose your power. You wonder,...

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Simple steps to giving yourself an advantage

Do you let people get away with taking advantage of you? I mean the times when you say yes, but you don’t really want to do what they are asking you. Or when someone is forceful with you and you disagree with them and you don’t speak up, swallowing your point of view...

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Get out of the Echo Chamber

Diversity. Inclusion. It is a hot topic now. The statistics at the source of this are stunning, but hardly new news. Women are essentially falling behind in terms of ending the gender gap was a conclusion of the LeanIn McKinsey report of 2017. There are pockets where...

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The Ultimate Secret to Confidence

One thought. That is all it takes. A thought like “I don’t know what I am doing.” Or “I don’t know what to do(or say).” If you have that thought or something like it, then you start thinking about that thought, you will likely go in a downward spiral to self-doubt. I...

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You gotta do this

Change happens rapidly now. I think back to when I was growing up and a new technology came out- like push button phones and remote-control TV’s (I know I am dating myself, lol!) Seriously- it was big news and very very special when you actually were able to purchase...

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Look At It From All Sides

I am fascinated by people. I love people. (I don’t always like all of us, though, lol). I find people are amazing, brilliant and incredibly creative. When I look back on my life and career I have always been fascinated. When I was in middle school, I became fascinated...

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