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The lynch-pin for high performance

When you are confident you… Say what you want and get it. Ask for the sale. Ask for the raise. Ask for the promotion. Are thrilled for other people’s wins. Create out of the box thinking, creativity, high performance. Are fulfilled, and when you are not, you would do...

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The Lessons I Learned Getting to TEDX

What an amazing experience and a privilege it was. My first TEDX is now behind me (Yes, I intend to do another!) and I learned a lot. I want to share the lessons with you. I am a speaker and a writer. I have written dozens of talks. I am pretty good at it. However,...

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I met a brilliant woman who is accomplishing great things. She is working with our youth and really making a difference with them in their scholarly pursuits. I acknowledged her. She did not accept the acknowledgment. She minimized herself and her accomplishment. That...

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Stop Being Meek

Has this ever happened to you?   You are confident and powerful. You have no issue dealing with problems head on, except...in certain circumstances. When these circumstances or situations happen, you become meek, hesitant, concerned and lose your power. You wonder,...

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Simple steps to giving yourself an advantage

Do you let people get away with taking advantage of you? I mean the times when you say yes, but you don’t really want to do what they are asking you. Or when someone is forceful with you and you disagree with them and you don’t speak up, swallowing your point of view...

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Get out of the Echo Chamber

Diversity. Inclusion. It is a hot topic now. The statistics at the source of this are stunning, but hardly new news. Women are essentially falling behind in terms of ending the gender gap was a conclusion of the LeanIn McKinsey report of 2017. There are pockets where...

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