Savage doesn’t have to be brutal

We are almost always upset, or about to be. Do you ever wonder why you and everyone else is upset so much? Most of us are. I know that all I need to do is get in my car…inevitably someone will be driving under the speed limit, which I find very annoying, and I will...

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Give Your Gifts to the World NOW!

Life happens. Sometimes you are granted what you want- a long, fruitful life, and sometimes you are not. Most of us live as if there is all the time in the world to do what we want to do, to leave the legacy we are here to make. Not to be morose, but we live in this...

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Is Bias Invisible to You?

We all have biases and preferences. That is not a problem. We discriminate when we choose friends, for example- some of us like outgoing friends and some of us prefer quieter friends. We want different things- which makes the world interesting. So, bias itself is not...

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One of the most important and impactful things, for me and you, as people, is to know that we matter- that our life is valuable. This morning as I was reading my Facebook feed, a friend shared an acknowledgement she received from someone she had mentored. The young...

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Stop Judging Me!

We judge…all the time. We can’t help it; it is human nature. However, when we are judged, it can be the thing that knocks us off our power and hits our confidence. The problem is that we are so conditioned to be judged that we often don’t think it is judgement. Just...

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Lies and Traffic Matters

I recently shared while doing a corporate training about a time in my life when I had gotten used to being late and had habits for being late while living in Southern California. I had moved to Austin where the culture was different, and people were not late as a...

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