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How to Maximize Your Time and Return on Investment of Resources

The one thing we cannot ever get back is time. Imagine if you could maximize your time, effectively multiplying your resources—what would be possible? There is a very simple and effective way to do this and although you may say, I already do it, I am asserting you are not getting the maximum value out of it that you could.

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Life is short, Enjoy it moment by Moment

We live as if we have all the time in the world. We say things like “I’ll get to that later” or “I’ll be happy when….(fill in the blank). What that results in is an illusion that you have all the time in the world. I know that we want to believe that. Yet, logically,...

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You Have My Attention. Now, Talk With Me, Not At Me

I just returned from a conference where I was a speaker on a panel. Since I am generally a keynote or breakout speaker, I rarely am on panels. It was an awesome experience. And…I attended the other panels of the conference and the morning keynote. As someone who trains speakers to be impactful and memorable, I believe my observations and suggestions are important to deliver to you. My commitment is to contribute, always, and my observations and suggestions will make a difference for you, if you are a speaker or called on to speak as part of your job.

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Do you want to be memorable? Leave a legacy? Make an impact?

There is so much information, conversation, ‘stuff’ coming at us all the time, it is hard to leave an impact. As a person, who is committed to contributing in a positive way, it is very important to me to make an impact. Which leads to the question – What is the most likely way I can make a difference and make a memorable impact in the world?

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What do I HAVE to know?

If you are someone who likes knowing, going into unfamiliar situations may be terrifying.
I get this because I like knowing a lot. I read. I study. I love challenging my mind and learning new things. I am always hungry for a new challenge. At the same time, I am terrified of being behind. There is some inner critic that says, “You should have known that”. That fear, that somehow, I should have known or am behind can shut down my curiosity, my hunger to learn. Or when I go into certain situations where I think there is some expectation that I should know, I am tense.

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You Must Develop This Skill to Be Very Successful

Public speaking touting it is no longer a soft skill but a critical skill if you want to be successful in business. According to a research study by Diedre McCloskey at the University of Illinois, Chicago and verified by an Australian economist’s study— persuasion and public speaking is responsible for generating one quarter of America’s national income! She expects that to rise over the next 40 years.

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