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You Must Develop This Skill to Be Very Successful

Public speaking touting it is no longer a soft skill but a critical skill if you want to be successful in business. According to a research study by Diedre McCloskey at the University of Illinois, Chicago and verified by an Australian economist’s study— persuasion and public speaking is responsible for generating one quarter of America’s national income! She expects that to rise over the next 40 years.

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Why You Don’t Have What You Want

I get it. You want things. You want success, money, adventures, and you want people to respond to you in a certain way, etc. And you may have some of it, but you don’t have what you want REALLY! What is going on? How do you get it? Consider the notion of wanting to be...

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Stop sacrificing your satisfaction

Numerous times a week I hear this phrase: “They might not like me” or “They will get mad at me.” Does this sound familiar? You may not say it aloud, but do you say it to yourself? It seems harmless, right? However, in coaching thousands of people, I have discovered...

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Aspirations Not Resolutions

It is a new year, a time for new beginnings, new possibilities. Yet, most of us aren’t really creating something new. We are making resolutions, setting goals, trying to be better, do more or somehow overcome what we think we did wrong or did not do enough of in the...

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Holidays and Reflecting

It is hard to put words to all the feelings and experiences at this time of year. As a kid, of course, I loved it… it meant presents, special food, time off school and often, playing in the snow. As I grew up and was working as a nurse while being a single parent, it...

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Lessons from the TEDX Stage: Take 2

It was everything I wanted. I took to the stage, very prepared, ready to deliver my idea worth spreading. You could hear a pin drop. I started, people were with me, paying attention, nodding, smiling. At one point they broke out in applause, requiring me...

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