Usually we wait till the end of the year to look back and take stock of what we accomplished. Imagine what you could accomplish if you took stock now, after the first 5 months of the year?

You could assess what you achieved and what you did not achieve. That view will allow you to make plans and corrections now, so you actually have a better shot to achieve the goals you had created.

You will likely use this inventory to look at your career and business goals. However, you are welcome, and I encourage you to also look at your personal goals.

If you don’t take the time to do this work, you may have things that are incomplete. When things are incomplete for you, it is like a piece of string that hangs off your clothes, just there but also a little irritant. What you may not realize is that those little irritants are the very things that often get in our way of achieving all we want to. I always end up doing work with my clients to complete the things that are in the way of their ultimate success.

What I am suggesting is that you do the work now to really complete everything that has happened so far this year; the successes, the failures, the lessons learned so that you can move powerfully into the rest of the year ready to rock!

Here are the steps to take to powerfully complete your achievement:

Take an ‘inventory’ of your goals.

  1. If you have a record of your goals that you started out the year with, write them down in the table below. If you did not have a yearly goal written down, but had it in mind, write that down in the table below.
  2. Next to each goal, write out: What did you achieve?
  3. Next to each goal, write out: What didn’t you achieve?
  4. Next to each goal, write out: If you did not achieve your goals, what happened? When you look at this, there are 2 parts to this question.
    • What did you accomplish? (you may have not achieved the goal, but you did produce some results) Use this to say what you did accomplish.
    • The second part of this question is why not? What happened or did not happen to have you accomplish what you said?
      • Where you will get real power is when you can look at what happened and see where you allowed yourself to be distracted or not do what you knew there was to do. In other words, take responsibility for not achieving the goals. This is not to make you guilty (that is a wasted emotion!) but to allow yourself to have the power of owning what you did and did not do.
        • Normally, we blame circumstances. But then the circumstances have power. My intention is that you have power. Circumstances happen, absolutely. And it from time to time they are so intense that they do get in our way, but if you allow yourself to tell the truth about how you let yourself off the hook because of circumstances, you will empower yourself.
      •  Then forgive yourself, or if there is someone else to forgive, forgive them. This is not a passive act- this is not to just gloss over it. You want to actually experience forgiving yourself or someone else. When we hold on to being mad at ourselves, blaming ourselves or others, it eats away at our self-confidence. It is often hidden for most of us as we are so used to it. Just allow yourself to see where you have given up, are resigned or are upset with yourself or someone else and let it go, forgive.
  5. Lastly, what could you do differently so that you achieve that goal in the future? Failure is the best opportunity for success. Lessons learned in failure are long term steps to real and lasting change. Take the time to look at what you learned and how you will do something different in the future.
  6. Then you will create next year’s goals and create a new structure to fulfill on those goals.
    • If you are going to achieve something, it is important that you get the proper support and create new structures so that you do achieve what you set out to.
    • Hoping it will turn out or simply saying- I am going to do it, is generally insufficient and will likely result in disappointment.
  7. Were they Specific and measurable.
  8. What I find is that often people create goals but they are not very specific, not measurable. When you do that, you will never know when you have achieved them. For example- be a better leader, manager, be better with organization. What is better? How will you ever know when you achieved it, when you are successful and when you can terminate your attempt or endeavor to achieve it. You set yourself up for disappointment or at best, the lack of satisfaction.

The truth is I want you to succeed wildly. I am sure you do, too! Take the time to thoroughly inventory and complete all your work and with some planning and action- you will rock it!

Till next time,


P.S. If you did not achieve what you wanted, or are not on track, I can help. Often having a business coach is THE action you need to take to skyrocket your success. Talk to me and let’s see what we, together, can achieve!