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I’m Janet. Known as THE BS-to-BRILLIANCE MASTER, I’m a keynote speaker, trainer, master business coach and facilitator whose mission in life is to empower women to be their naturally bold, brilliant selves and to see gender equity both in pay and in influence become a reality.

That having been said, I’m not one for pointing fingers at all the reasons we don’t have gender equity right now. There are plenty of those, but as tempting as it is to blame our circumstances, there’s no power in it—it leaves us upset, disempowered and in victim mode, waiting and hoping for the circumstances to get better.

Trust me, I know from experience. Back when I was working as a registered nurse, there were many times when I’d see things that didn’t work, that weren’t fair, or that were just plain offensive. And I went along with it. I know what it is to feel conflicted and powerless. I played along because I didn’t see how I could make a difference with “the system.”

Until the day I did.

There came a time when the way I was treated in a corporate environment just didn’t work for me. The details aren’t important—you’ll likely be able to relate to the experience, though. At first I was taken aback, then very upset and disempowered, and finally, after a lot of work, clear that no, I wasn’t to blame for being treated poorly and without the respect and dignity I deserved. It was simply unacceptable.

One of the things I’m proud of is that this time, I stood up not just for myself, but for others who would come after I was long gone. Through committed conversations with people who could actually do something about the issues I raised and the solutions I proposed, three different company policies were changed throughout an international enterprise.

Look, I get the different directions we all feel pulled in. I’m a business woman, a wife, a mom, and a grandmother. I have been blessed with a great family and have been fortunate to enjoy some significant career success, as I’m sure you have.

And yet, no matter your level of accomplishment, there are times doubt sets in, right? There are times we all can feel stuck, unclear, or unsure about our role and value.

That’s where the BS-to-BRILLIANCE comes in. I’ve helped thousands of high-wattage people on low beam discover the ‘BS’ that has them stalled, stopped or just feeling ‘meh.’

We all have our talents, and one of mine is an uncanny ability to sniff out the BS that has a powerhouse like you not operating at your best. Why do I hunt for the BS? Because that’s the access to your bold and beautiful brilliance.

I draw upon years of expertise in ontology, entrepreneurship, corporate coaching and training, conversational intelligence, behavioral styles, and driving forces to determine the exact coordinates of the BS dimming your innate brilliance.

If you’re looking for fluff, I’m not your gal. My no-nonsense, direct approach resonates best with people who’ve reached a certain level of accomplishment and who are ready for straight talk and laser focus on the next big breakthrough. Don’t be fooled, though—behind the velvet-hammer demeanor are the deep compassion and love for humanity that fuel me every single day.

My favorite moments?

  • Finding out a woman I was working with on self-doubt just got the new position and a $40K bump in pay…sweet!
  • Hearing a client excitedly share about recognizing the brain pattern that used to trip her up…and now she can spot it and stop it.
  • Getting a late-night text about the breakthrough conversation with the boss that would never have happened if that client hadn’t had a breakthrough in confidence and spoken up at the right time.

If this resonates with you, let’s have an exploratory conversation: janet@janetzaretsky.com.


Janet Zaretsky

TEDX & Keynote Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Business Coach


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