Unpacking the leadership toolbox to avoid becoming that bad boss.

Most of us have had a bad boss. But, as we grow in our careers, how do we avoid becoming that bad boss?

Leadership is a skill that you have to work at. If you want to inspire, empower, and motivate your team, you need to continuously put tools in your leadership toolbox. And, shining up old tools from time to time doesn’t hurt either.

Vicki Brackett is an author, speaker, and consultant specializing in leadership, employee engagement and retention. She’s gathered 70 strategies for managers, executives, and business owners to build more resilient and successful companies through leadership skills. She shares 14 of her best in her book The Leadership Toolbox and she generously shared some with us on the latest episode of the Brilliant You Podcast.

We start out by talking about one of the most obvious but often overlooked requirements for strong leadership – ensuring everyone is going in the same direction to the same goal. Vicki explains that good leaders don’t put themselves out in front. Instead, they empower the team, point them in the right direction and then follow.

This was just one of the paradigm shifts she offered up. We also talked about one of my favourite topics – the power of listening. Any executive who is dealing with a high attrition rate needs to take a moment and listen, really listen, to the team to find out where the gaps are.

Engaging with the team will not only increase retention and employee satisfaction, it will also improve customer service. Creating a conversation around issues and solutions also helps to validate team members.

Validation is another tool that Vicki shared. We tend to think that employees are solely focused on the financial reward for doing their job. But, on a day to day basis, employee happiness has more to do with how they feel they are treated and appreciated. When we validate their efforts, we create a more emotional connection to their job than money can.

Considerately dealing with conflict or mistakes is another way that leaders can step up their game. In fact, Vicki doesn’t even use the term ‘mistake’. She prefers to use ‘gap’.  A gap doesn’t have an ego or emotions and nobody has to be at blame. By removing the personal from the error or short sight, we can empower the team to generate ideas and find solutions. Just by changing the word, we are already setting the team up to feel differently about dealing with it. As I always say, if you aren’t getting the results you want, change the language.

These are just a few of the tools we tackle in our conversation. If you are a powerhouse woman leading a team, hoping to lead a team, or working in HR, then this is an episode not to be missed.

By the end of this episode of the Brilliant You podcast, you will have a few more tools to help you engage your team, deal with challenges with positivity, communicate more effectively, and strengthen your leadership building blocks.

If you want to add more tools to your leadership tool box, check out Vicki’s book: The Leadership Toolbox: 14 Strategies that Build a Chain Reaction of Success.

You can connect directly with Vicki on her website: https://vickibrackett.com/

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