Entrepreneurial lessons from the complicated world of Medicare insurance


Could sharing your brilliance and educating people be the secret to your success?

Serving people by providing them with information and support before they’re even customers can be an outstanding way to grow a business. By sharing what you know, you empower your potential clients. And, if in the process, you take an impossibly complex and overwhelming topic and make them feel like they understand it, you can bet they’ll start to see you as a trusted friend.

Especially if the topic is daunting — like navigating the medicare system!

That’s what Danielle Roberts discovered when she started offering educational services to boomers as they neared the Medicare years. In being the source for support and information, she’s been able to grow her insurance agency to a successful business with 46 employees across 47 states in just 14 years.

In this episode of the Brilliant You podcast, she shares how she got started by saying ‘yes’ to every opportunity, focused on building relationships with people, where they were (online), and created a business that is both profitable and soulfully satisfying.

She also gives some great tips on the benefits of serving on a board. Danielle learned that rubbing shoulders with the movers and shakers of the industry was a great way to make herself known to her peers. It also taught her to be confident in what she had to offer the industry as a whole.

In the decade and a half that Danielle has been involved in the insurance industry, she’s seen a real shift in the opportunities for women. When she first started, it was more male dominated but not anymore. I loved hearing that there is no gender discrepancy, glass ceiling, or wage gap! Danielle says that this is an industry that is perfect for women for these reasons but also because most entrepreneurs in this space can also make their own hours.

It was inspiring to hear Danielle’s success story and I know that after you hear it, you’ll feel more empowered to serve your potential customers by sharing your brilliance and knowledge. You may even decide to explore the insurance industry yourself!

If you want to see Danielle in action, check out her YouTube Channel. You can also connect with her on her website or Facebook.

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