Why Female Entrepreneurs are More Susceptible to Crash and Burn

It happened to me. I never thought it would. I loved my job and I didn’t mind working long hours. The stress didn’t bother me. But it bothered my body. And, after I ignored the subtle warnings, it completely shut down.

I suffered adrenal fatigue and it took me a year to recover.

I wasn’t an entrepreneur at the time but I see so many entrepreneurs putting themselves at risk for a total body shutdown without even knowing it. Especially women.

As entrepreneurs, we can be so caught up in the hustle that we lose track of our self care. And, as women, we often put others needs ahead of our own (our kids, our partners, our clients, and our spouses). We take care of them before we even think about carving out some time to take care of ourselves. And then, we say yes (when we should say no) to avoid disappointing people or out of guilt (fueled by the mind chatter or, as I call it, BS).

We do all of these things and ignore the signs that we need to slow down. Until, our bodies force us to slow down.

My guest today went through the same thing. And it inspired her to change careers and help more people take care of their bodies.

Megan Lyon is a wellness coach, holistic nutritionist and the author of the “Start Here: 7 Easy, Diet-Free Steps to Achieve Your Ultimate Health and Happiness”. On this episode we talk about the prevalence of adrenal fatigue and why female entrepreneurs are so susceptible.

Megan also shares some valuable health strategies from her book and her practice. These are tips to help us do the things we know we should be doing for ourselves, we just don’t get around to actually doing them.

We also dive into one of my favorite topics – the neuroscience of communication – and look at how the brain and the body are connected when it comes to forced shutdowns. There is a proven connection and chemical reaction going on when we over stress ourselves and fail to take breaks. This can happen to anyone who works too hard and doesn’t carve out time for exercise, nutrition, and mental health. Even if you love what you do.

Is this starting to sound a bit familiar? This podcast will help you see the critical importance of self care (both physically and mentally) so that you can avoid having an unscheduled shutdown. Plus, we have two challenges to help you inject a little self-care into your daily routine. It’s easy, I promise.

Thanks to Megan for the inspiring conversation. If you want to take her 30-Day Best Health Challenge, download her calendar here. You can find her book on Amazon.

To connect with Megan, find her on Instagram, Facebook or her website: https://www.thelyonsshare.org

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