How to rehab your mindset by getting to the root of self-confidence issues.


Hands up if you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I’m not enough.” It can be debilitating and it can corrode your abilities as a powerhouse businesswoman. So, if you have these feelings fueling your self-doubt, it might be time for a mindset rehab.

We’ve all seen those house flipping shows where renovators completely rehab a home. What if you could do the same thing to your mindset, self-confidence and sense of self worth? Your life and business completely changes when you stop buying into the belief that you’re not enough.

My guest today spent over a decade building an amazing business as a real estate investor and house flipper. But despite her success in this (very male dominated) industry and her previous success in the corporate world, she still found herself fighting off thoughts of ‘I am not enough’.

That’s when she said ‘Enough!’ with these feelings and got to work doing a total mindset reset. Now, she empowers others do the same.

I am beyond thrilled to welcome Penni Zellinkoff to the Brilliant You Podcast. In this episode, she shares how self-doubt can turn into self-sabotage quietly and insidiously while we’re busy building our businesses. How those feelings of not being enough can bubble up when we least expect them.

She breaks down for us the three different levels of ‘not enough’ and explains how powerful it can be to find the root of those feelings. Plus, she explains how we can not only get over it, but also shares her ‘Stop, Drop, and Roll’ technique so that we can douse the flames of self-doubt before they can take hold and do real damage.

In addition to all of this, we also dive into a topic near and dear to my heart – money mindset.

By the end of this episode, you’ll have new tools to not only discover where your sense of not being enough comes from, but how to reverse the power it has over you. You’ll gain powerful insight into your own self-doubt and have tools to get out of your own way so that you can have the success you deserve. Because, you are enough.

Now that your confidence is back, you might want to take Penni Z up on her offer a free 30 minute strategy session to see if becoming a private lender in the real estate industry might be your next powerhouse move.

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