Crafting a TV, radio, or publisher pitch that works

You might have the most earth-shaking message to offer the world but if nobody knows about it, what’s the point?

It’s no secret that to be effective and impactful, your message has to be clear and it has to be heard. This is where a lot of business women hit a roadblock.

There a lot of ways to get attention. You could share it on the radio, on the stage, on a podcast, on TV or you could publish it. My guest on this episode of the Brilliant You should know – she’s done them all.

Diana Page Jordan has been a television anchor, a radio host, a published author, and an accomplished ghostwriter. Not only does she know how to craft a message so that it cuts through, but she also knows how to disseminate that message through new and traditional media.

In this episode, she doesn’t hold back. She shares exactly what a television or radio producer is looking for to consider someone as a guest. This information is invaluable because it also applies to new media – such as online publications, podcasts, and blogs.

But, what do you do once you get the ‘yes’? Diana also generously shares some tips on how to feel prepared and avoid bombing live on air.

Her tips on preparing (but not memorizing) your message really resonated with me because I recognized right away that it’s a lesson I’ve learned as a public speaker (and that I shared in my most recent blog).

Sharing your message might also lead you down the publishing path. Diana has worked with an impressive group of writers (including the best-selling author Cheryl Strayed). In this episode, she clarifies what a well laid out book looks like. She also tells us the one thing that publishers look at that has nothing to do with your idea, pitch or message. And, it’s something that would not have even been a factor ten years ago in the world of publishing!

This episode is jam-packed with useful information for powerhouse businesswoman at any stage in their career. Plus, we offer up two actionable tips to overcome those barriers that might be holding you back.

After listening to this one episode of the Brilliant You Podcast, you’ll be grabbing your computer and excitedly dissecting your message to make it more media-friendly. So, whether you want to share your message on stage, TV, radio, podcast, or through publication – this episode will bring you closer thanks to the brilliance of Diana Page Jordan.

Thanks to Diana for joining me on this episode of the Brilliant You Podcast and for offering you a half hour of her consulting time. If you’re interested in potentially working with her as a ghostwriter or media consulting email her at

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