Facing fears and finding your perfect fit in love and career

Are you over 50 and feeling like you might be running out of runway on your career or love life? Don’t worry, you do have the power to get this thing off the ground and flying high.

A lot of women face off against the change in life right around the same time they look to make massive shifts in other areas.. It might be starting a new business, taking their career in a new direction, or starting fresh in the romance department.

Whatever they’re facing, my guest today on the Brilliant You Podcast is here to help them soar over the hurdles and find amazing success.

Deb Boulanger spent decades putting her ambition to work in the corporate world. She helped build a multi-million dollar business and enjoyed the usual benefits of success. Then, she hit 50 and her world started to crumble around her. She started to really question what it was that she wanted.

In this episode, she shares her personal story of transitioning in midlife and finding fulfilling success on the other side. Now, she helps her clients deal with the fear that holds them back. She shares with us how to get to the root of our fears and dance with them so we can realize our true desires.

Deb also uses a really fun analogy to help us better understand how we can find the exact career opportunity, work scenario, or romantic partner by changing how we search for them. Finding the perfect fit will seem like a cake-walk once you shift your paradigm. If you’ve ever gone shopping, this analogy is going to completely change your approach to getting what you want.

I loved talking with Deb because she weaves the quest for love and job satisfaction together so beautifully. And, don’t disregard your desires for love because a brilliant powerhouse woman like you deserves a brilliant powerhouse partner – if that’s what you want.

Speaking of getting what you want. Deb leaves us with a fantastic and deceptively simple challenge to get clear on what it IS exactly that you want. She shares a few of the practices her clients use to hone in on their true desires.

If you’re looking to shift your career into high gear, change it up entirely, find love, or all of the above, you don’t want to miss this episode. We talk specifically about making these changes after 50, but the tools and techniques Deb shares are just as potent for powerhouse business women in their 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s. We can all benefit from tackling our fears and finding that perfect fit.

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