Climbing the Pillars of Power is all about empowering women in their work and in their lives. It is about finding the places where you lack power or are not as powerful as you would like and discussing the why’s and what to do about it.

In this podcast we discuss one of the most destructive habits that all of us participate in to a degree—gossip! From simple gossip with a friend to the extreme behavior of blackballing, gossip causes damage. However, research shows that we all have and do participate for reasons that have to do with social behavior.  Think about all the times in your life, from a young age that had you feel special when someone shared a ‘secret’ about someone else. It seems innocent, until you are the someone whose secret is shared!

You may feel like you have no control, you might be embarrassed or feel shunned or even ashamed, or simply angry. All, of course, normal reactions but not powerful.

In this podcast, I give you alternative ways to respond when you are the subject of gossip that leave you powerful. I also give you techniques to be effective when you have something you are not happy with other than complain and gossip to others. I think you will find what this podcast has to offer you is lifelong solutions that you leave you powerful and producing results you will be happy with.