Unlocking Truth, Trust and Intuition as Business Drivers

What if your strengths were actually your weaknesses and your weaknesses were you strengths? Would it change the way you run your business or maybe even change your business entirely?

Many women create their business based on what they’re good at. And then they struggle to stay passionate about their work. If that sounds like you, then you may be misinterpreting what your strengths really are. And that may mean that you are not living in your truth.

This is part of the brilliance that my guest on this episode of the Brilliant You Podcast shares with us. She helps us shift our mindset around using our true strengths and weaknesses to build a business we are truly passionate about.

Carrie Roldan has been doing this as a coach by assuming the role of Business BFF (which is also the name of her podcast). She helps female entrepreneurs find themselves in their business and ensure that they are living in their truth.

She does this by asking the right questions, introducing clients to their future self, and encouraging them to trust their intuition (and sometimes, helping them reconnect with it first). She’s used her own intuition and channels her joy in speaking and helping others to create a business for herself that she is truly passionate about.

In this episode, you’ll learn a little bit about how she does this, and you’ll gain tools to help you shift your mindset around your strengths and weaknesses so that you can live in your truth and develop a business based on your passions.

Plus, we discuss the power of having a support group that is like-minded and positive. We also look at how to take the power back from naysayers (including that little voice in your head) and how to find your business sweet spot.

And, we conclude the episode with a 15 minute activity that will further help you shift your thinking around your capabilities and boost your confidence.

If you’ve been questioning if you are doing the right thing with your business or feeling like doing what you’re good at shouldn’t be such a struggle, this episode of the Brilliant You Podcast could change the course of your business. Thanks to what powerhouse business woman, Carrie Roldan, shares in this episode your entrepreneurial journey could become much more aligned with your true self and your passions.

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