Powerful women tend to have a lot of BS to deal with.

Want some help with that?


I’m Janet Zaretsky, The BS-to-Brilliance Master


What does that mean, you ask?

It means I help you spot the BS our brains feed us and help you get your mojo back.

It means we banish those career-crippling habits that you aren’t even aware of.

It means I am your total partner in powerfully navigating your career and work environment – whether you’re an employee or an entrepreneur – without getting mired in “it shouldn’t be this way” thinking.

Interested in taking that fabulous female leadership of yours to a new level?

Or can’t remember what it’s like to feel like a fabulous female leader?!? (Been there!)

It’s time to send the BS packing. (Both the BS “out there” and the BS between our ears!) It’s time to claim and own your innate brilliance.

Gimme a shout. Let’s talk.

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