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Work with Master Business Success and Confidence Coach and Strategist, Janet Zaretsky, as your partner in elevating your confidence, having you own your power and magnify your brilliance, with no apology!

Janet works with women executives and business owners who are committed to their success, increasing their influence and having the business achievement and acclaim they want and deserve.

As a confidence expert and the author of the book, “Where’d My Confidence Go….and how do I get it back?, Janet is an expert at discovering the root cause of self-doubt, stalling on the career ladder, getting stuck in past failures and having you break free of the barriers keeping your from  achieving the accomplishment of your goals and desires. Janet’s podcast ,Brilliant You! can be heard on iTunes, Stitcher and Google Play to support women to own their power.

Where’d My Confidence Go…and how do I get it back? is the self-help book for anyone who’s ever doubted herself, hesitated, dwelled on past failures or choked when given an opportunity to speak up or take on a leadership role.

It’s time for your magnificent, brilliant, confident self to get back in the driver’s seat! Get your copy of this latest book by master coach, speaker and confidence expert Janet Zaretsky.


Why Work with Janet?

Janet Zaretsky is a Master Business Success and Executive Coach, TEDX speaker, keynote and workshop speaker, author and corporate trainer.  She holds a Certification in Behavioral Style Instruments and is an Enhanced Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) coach. She’s a member of the Forbes Coaches Council, and former senior program Leader for Landmark Worldwide. As a master business success coach and strategist, Janet has led programs and coached over 32,000 people in the past 22+ years. Janet is the author of the book, “Where’d My Confidence Go? .. and how do I get it back?” , available on Amazon and Kindle, and can be heard on iTunes podcast, Brilliant You!.  Working with Janet, you will elevate your ability to get heard, get noticed and get ahead. If you want more power, more confidence, more money and  experience the success you know you deserve, you want Janet in your corner- kicking gently and cheering you on!

Ready to Give Your Confidence a Real Boost?

Janet’s Free Business Building Blogs and Podcasts

The Simple Steps to Not Have Conflict

Do you recoil when you think about talking to certain people? Do you withdraw when someone comes to you to talk about a ‘situation’? Do you go along rather than rock the boat, even when you don’t agree- telling yourself, “It is not a big deal.” In other words, do you...

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What My Clients Say

Annick Magac

Author, Keynote Speaker, Lifestyle Coach, Freelance Writer, Consultant/Social Strategist

“Janet is a powerhouse… from a leadership perspective, Janet has inspired and motivated me to step into my own power..”

Nicole Richard

Through our conversations, I got connected to something that really matters to me – that the people around me in life really win. So I started taking my attention off of myself and “making it” and put it on empowering the people around me to win at whatever matters to...

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